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Letters from My Students

Hands girl playing piano

"Thank you very much for all of the teaching and guidance you've given me this year. You've been such a wonderful, patient and kind teacher! Thank you for sharing your love of piano with me; the piano, and the discipline that comes with it have been instrumental in my life."

Michala, high school student

Piano Player

"Thank you for the graduation card, gift and for attending my party. Most especially, thank you for all those years of piano lessons. My experiences in music have been wonderful and I'll certainly never forget them. Most importantly, I will always keep music in my life."

Sean, high school student

Girl Playing Beginner Piano

"You have opened up a world of possibility and inspiration to me and while I do not plan to continue studying music, it will always be a large part of my life. You pushed me to masterpieces that at one point or another I thought were unconquerable. I cannot thank you enough for that. "

Emily, high school student

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